CO2 Fire Suppression System Installation - A Detailed Guide

Maintaining highly sensitive areas like engine rooms, Server farms, Marine rooms, and much more requires a solid Fire suppression system. As we all know, the probability of fire breakout in these areas is very high, so we require special agents that quickly suppress the fire. At Rottguard Fire System, we manufacture a CO2 Fire Suppression System Installation that suppresses the fire quickly. It is very cost-effective. In this blog, we deep dive into the CO2 Fire System Installation in Detail. 

What is CO2 Fire Suppression System Installation

The CO2 Fire Suppression system is designed to suppress fire breakouts quickly. It can displace oxygen very quickly. CO2 gas is considered a long-term fire suppressor, used in various industries such as engine rooms, pump rooms, boilers, marine applications, etc. In these areas, the chances of fire breakout are very high, so this system quickly and easily knocks down the fire.

Working of CO2 Fire Suppression Fire System

As discussed, This CO2 Agent Fire Suppression system installation protects highly sensitive areas where water can damage the equipment. In this type of room, we have to seal it so that no air can get in or out when the doors are closed. The high-pressure Co2 cylinders are placed near the place. These cylinders are connected to the air ducts to knock down the fire in the room, with CO2 in the vent of the fire breakout. Now, see the whole event of the CO2 Fire Suppression System.

As the smoke is out in the room, this system quickly detects it and realizes it’s a CO2 Agent. Immediately, the alarm is sounded, indicating workers to leave the premises as soon as possible. The reason is that above 5 % CO2 level, it can unconscious the human being. You might be wondering when we use the Manual CO2 Suppression system. It is commonly used to protect the engine rooms in marine applications. The reason is the area of the room is large and very cost-effective to protect compared to other gaseous extinguishing agents.

Where is This CO2 Fire Suppression System Used?

This Suppression system has a variety of applications. As we all know, CO2 is an inert gas that does not react with metal or plastics. It is commonly used to protect sensitive areas like computer data centers, server farms, pump rooms, boiler rooms, engine rooms, etc.

  • Data Centers and Server Rooms—Let’s talk about data centers and server rooms. To protect from sensitive data electronics, a Co2 Suppression system is used. Once the system extinguishes the affected components, they are quickly replaced, resulting in the restart of the system.
  • Marine Engine Rooms—You might be wondering why we can use Co2 instead of a water-suppressing Agent. There are two reasons. The electrical components of marine may be damaged by water, and nobody wants to put water into the vessel at sea. The U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Commercial ships use this suppression system.
  • Printing Press. This system is also used in the printing press and the chemical rooms.

Requirements of CO2 Fire Suppression System

For an enclosed room, the CO2 concentration of the fire suppression system should be 34%. System should protect the areas of high voltage with a concentration of CO2 of 50 %

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