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How useful are Rottguard DLP fire suppression kits

Rottguard Fire Systems manufacture, design, supply and install direct low pressure, clean agent fire suppression system kits for the protection of small, defined and unoccupiable enclosures. Liebherr ship-to-shore container crane control room switch gear protected with a Rottguard DLP fire suppression system. The system is interfaced with a PLC for the control of the crane. This is one of several Irish Distillers MCC cabinets that have been protected by the Rottguard DLP systems.This Rottguard DLP system design is one of many installed in MCC and electrical distribution boards in three of the Dairygold factories in Co. Cork.This is a major example of how a Server or Comms cabinet can be protected with a Rottguard DLP system. This is an example of how a Rottguard DLP system can protect an electrical cabinet.It is one of the substations in an Almarai multinational dairy factory in Saudi Arabia, in which Rottguard DLP systems were fitted, using white cylinders as specified by the client.

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Cinque Terre

Uses of CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

CO2 Fire Suppression systems are designed to suppress fire quickly by heat absorption and the displacement of oxygen. While it leaves no residue, it is not classified as a clean agent, because of its oxygen depletion characteristics. CO2's effectiveness for the protection of defined sized, local application, non-occupiable areas, is not constrained by its use in enclosures that are not air tight. Fully automatic CO2 systems can, with care and safety design features be used, for the protection of occupiable areas, for applications in which alternative extinguishants would be less effective for the perceived fire risks.

Rottguard DLP Systems

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