Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Gerard at LPCB
Gerard Linehan of Rottguard Fire Systems Ltd. is seen here to the fore at what was the first of the LPCB's training courses on the design of fire detection and alarm systems. Being certified by the LPCB, became mandatory for those engaged in the design and installation of systems for the UK government projects; after the Kings Cross tube station fire.
45 Fire alarms
ESB wall chart
This image is representative of one of a number of fire detection and alarm systems, designed, installed and commissioned by Rottguard personnel for the ESB (Electricity Supply Board).

The photo shows one of the networked control panels at the ESB Group Headquarters in Cork and the wall chart, which shows all the system devices and associated addresses within the zones.
M n E centre wall chart
This fire detection and alarm system was designed, supplied and commissioned by Rottguard for the protection of Clayton Silver Springs hotel Meeting & Events centre. Rottguard liaised with the electrical contractor's project manager throughout the installation of this system.
Mainport ship
This is a Mainport ship, used to service the Kinsale gas rig off the Irish coast. It is one of a number of marine fire detection and alarm systems that Rottguard personel have worked on.
Waterford glass
Having assessed the requirements with the electrical contractor, Liam Power and Waterford Crystal's fire officer and electrical engineer, Rottguard prepared and issued design drawings. It was a fourteen acre factory site, protected by fourteen different conventional and addressable fire detection and alarm systems and six clean agent fire suppression systems.

On completion of the project, Waterford Crystal had the capacity to evacuate the whole facility simultaniously, in the event of a fire, during one of its forty daily; factory guided bus tours. And it also became possible to monitor what had been twenty stand-alone systems from the tank furnace control room and their central security office.

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