Total flooding Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

External FM200 cylinders
These clean agent engineered or pre-engineered systems, commonly known by their manufacturers trade names (FM200 & Novec 1230), are used worldwide for the protection of electrical control and switch rooms, data centres, server and comms rooms.
FM200 Systems
The use of such clean agents are considered safe for the protection of occupiable and enclosed rooms, at design concentrations; that have no noticable adverse effects on their occupents; in the event of a system discharge.
FM200 System Bakery Plan 5 scaled
This is one of typical set of design drawings for total flooding systems, that include hydraulic and flow calculations, agent storage cylinders, discharge pipe sizes and the means of fire detection associated with their control.
Data Centre
These FM200 cylinders protect a data centre in Limerick. The electrical contractor wired what is an addressable fire extinguishing control panel. Rottguard provided the wiring diagrams, supplied and fitted the discharge pipe and nozzles and commissioned the system. It is an engineered system with separate cylinders, without being manifolded, to minimize the discharge pipe sizes to nozzles within the room, ceiling and floor voids.
FM200 cylinders
This is another system by Rottguard in an Almarai factory. It has main and reserve agent connected storage cylinders with a common discharge manifold.
Door Blower
These FM200 cylinders with unconnected reserves, are located inside an Almaria switch room. The smaller cylinders are for the switch room, while the larger ones are used for the protection of a larger adjoining sever room. The blue door blower machine was used to carry out an air integrity test, to determine the room's capacity, to hold the agent for ten minutes after a system discharge.
Fire extinguishing panel
This image shows an extinguishing control panel located outside a prison comms room. Rottguard always provide a wall chart with their system installations, which provides a synopsis of its operation for end users.
FM200 cylinder in prison
The extinguishing storage cylinder with its discharge pipe and associated wiring by Rottguard is seen within the comms room.

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