Rottguard DLP Systems

Approval – Certification – Testing – Use – Advantages – Operation

Rottguard’s DLP (direct application low pressure) fire suppression system has been:

Worldwide USE: The Rottguard DLP system is used to protect electrical and server cabinets in the control and machine rooms of Liebherr (LCC) ship to shore & rubber tyre gantry cranes,that have been exported to over twenty countries across five continents.

Irish Applications: Rottguard DLP systems are being used extensively within industry throughout Ireland with some systems having recently been exported to the UK.

Rottguard DLP System Advantages: The DLP system has considerable advantages over larger more expensive fire suppression systems, as it extinguishes individual component fires; leaving the remaining equipment within protected enclosures unafected; thereby reducing downtime and costs.

DLP System Operation: The system operates automatically, when the pressurized 6mm nylon tube, attached to the storage vessel outlet ball valve and filled with the extinguishing agent bursts, on exposure to flame temperatures in access of 80 C, thus releasing the suppressant orientated in the direction of the fire. The systems suppresses fire by heat absorption and the chemical interruption of the combustion process.


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